Social sustainability

Kilombero Sugar Company Limited - Investment in CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities at Kilombero Sugar Company Limited are driven by the need to create long-term value and sustainable benefits for the community. Over the years, KSCL has embarked on various CSR projects directed toward the growers' community and society at large.



Supports more than 20,000 people in the community


Health Facility serving more than 2,700 patients per month.

KSCL works with UNITRANS to give back to the community by supporting Kitete Orphanage Center. Recent efforts include the construction of toilets funded by KSCL.

Not only in communities living near the factory, KSCL extends its support to Tanzanian communities in general. In Dar es Salaam, KSCL has, for over four years, supported Kidzcare school and orphanage with school supplies and other necessities including the recent rehabilitation of the center's facilities which were found to be in dilapidated conditions and proving to be a hazard for the children. KSCL sent a maintenance team and transformed the center’s structures ensuring the children have a safe place to stay.

In celebration of World Nurses Day 2022, KSCL held a free one-day health screening exercise where more than 800 residents benefitted from the free health services. The
exercise was held at Kilombero’s health facility.

KSCL offered cervical and breast cancer screening as well as screening for hypertension, and health education on prevention and management of hypertension.
Other services offered during the one-day event included Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC), HIV testing and counselling, family planning services, education and vaccination on Covid-19 and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to girls below 14 years, which helps in preventing cervical cancer.

KSCL’s health facility serves more than 2,700 patients per month, out of which 50% come from neighbouring villages. The health center offers free services to its staff and highly subsidised services to residents living in villages surrounding the factory.

There is also the Nyandewo/Mkamba health facility which was rehabilitated by KSCL to provide health service to the surrounding community.



In celebrating International Women's Day, the women of Kilombero Sugar Company launched the 'Women@ KSCL' whose objective is to develop and empower women through forming integrated strategies and action plans for gender parity. The Forum also aims at resolving various gender challenges within the workplace. In addition to that, KSCL has been sponsoring the 'Mwanamke wa Shoka' project which among other activities, recognizes and awards women in various sectors.

KSCL participates in improving learning conditions in Tanzanian schools including supporting construction of school infrastructure for schools in surrounding communities such as the donation of 100 cement to Mikumi Secondary School situated in Mikumi Township for construction of additional classrooms.
KSCL also supports the 'Nimeshiba Mama' a Hunger Relief Project which intends to provide porridge with sugar to around 800 school children three (3) times a week for a period of nine (9) months. The key objective of the project is to support nourishment endeavours for the school children by providing them with meals to enable them pursue their education comfortably and improve their attention in the classroom.

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